Starburst Free Spins: How Does It Work?

Starburst was first introduced in 2013 and is a top-rated game in the gaming industry. It is straightforward to understand how to play because it involves matching jewel pieces. If you haven’t had a Starburst experience, then you need to play the game, to see what makes people so addicted to it. Free spins are also what make people sign up for the game.

The free spins usually are not attached to the player making a deposit, while some casinos make it mandatory that you pay a deposit amount before you get to use the free spins. Players like the Starburst game, because they can use the free spins without risking their own personal money.

How Does It Work?

Immediately you are able to claim your free spins from Starburst, you can start using them to play the game quickly. When the Starburst game launches, you will be able to see how many spins you have left. Just in case you can’t find any spins on your screen, make sure that it isn’t your money which you are currently using to play. To solve this, you can just contact the casino’s support to make sure you have free spins.

Activating Your Free Spins

For most casinos, to activate your spins, all you need to do is sign up. Other sites may require that you make a deposit. They may even have a minimum deposit amount which you need to pay before you can claim your free spins.

Bonus Codes

One thing you also need to know about Starburst free spins is always to find out if the casino site requires you to insert a bonus code before you can claim your free spins, and also if it is after you have made a deposit. It is possible to find the code at the cashier section in the drop-down menu of the casino site. If you don’t see any code, or you are unsure of the number you find on the screen, you can contact the casino’s support for assistance.

Have They Finished?

To know if your free spins have been exhausted, you can look at the number of spins on your screen. It will tell you how much is left. If you have finished using them, then you will need to make a deposit to continue playing on the site.